MicroBioTests Toxkits

MicroBiotest Toxkits

MicroBioTests line of Toxkits are as follows.


Toxicity Tests with Ciliate Protozoansprotozoan tetrahymena thermophila bioitoxicity test

TK11 - Chronic PROTOXKIT F with Tetrahymena thermophila (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Rotifers

Rotifer rotoxkit F toxicity test for acute biotoxicity

TK21 - Acute ROTOKIT F with Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK22 - Acute ROTOKIT M with Brachionus plicatilits (estuarine/marine test - 6 tests per kit)
TK23 - Short-chronic ROTOXKIT F Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater - 3 test per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Crustaceansartemia toxicity test

TK31 THAMNOTOXKIT F  with Thamnocephalus platyurus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK32 ARTOXKIT M with Artemia franciscana (estuarine/marine tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK33 DAPHTOXKIT F magna with Daphnia magna (freshwater - 6 tests per kit)
daphnia toxicity testing tk33
TK35 Acute CERIODAPHTOXKIT F with Ceriodaphnia dubia (freshwater - 6 test per kit)
TK36 OSTRACODTOXKIT F with Heterocypris incongruens (freshwater sediment 3-5 test per kit)
TK37 RAPIDTOXKIT with Thamnocephalus platyurus (freshwater tests - up to 45 tests per kit)


Algaltoxkit growth inhiibtion test

Toxicity Tests with Micro-Algae

TK41 ALGALTOXKIT F  with Selenastrum capricornutum (freshwater tests - 2 tests per kit)
TK42 Marine ALGALTOXKIT with Phaeodactylum tricornutum (estuarine/marine tests - 2 test per kit)


Germination toxicity test phytotox

Toxicity Tests with higher Plants

TK61 PHYTOTOXKIT with seeds of 3 higher plants (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls)
TK62 PHYTOTESTKIT with seeds of 3 higher plates (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls) 
TK63 SPIRODELA DUCKWEED TOXKIT with Spirodela polyrhiza (2 tests per kit)



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