LumoPlate™ Kinetic Water Toxicity Test (Aliivibrio fischeri formerly Vibrio Fischeri )

aliivibrio fischeri kinetic toxicity testing kit 

Product No: 1243-700
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The Aliivibrio fischeri (formally Vibrio Fischeri) LumoPlate™ Ultimate Matrix Kit is packaged to provide complete solutions for clients requiring a more accurate and robust assay system that employs the kinetic method for determining toxicity. This method accounts for sample coloration and turbidity, and can be used for direct measurement of soil and sediment samples without time consuming correction procedures or filtration. Bacterial reagents are packaged to accommodate entire 96-well plates. Cooling block and luminometer are also offered to provide a complete testing system. Individual replacement kit components can be purchased and reagent lease options are available for qualified clients.

vibrio fischeri kinetic toxicity test (Aliivibrio fischeri)

  1. Freeze dried Aliivibrio fischeri reagent vials x 10 (1 vial can accommodate 1 full 96-well plate). 
  2. 10 bottles of reagent diluent (11 ml), sufficient to reconstitute all reagents.
  3. 1 bottle of OAS (25 ml) 
  4. 1 bottle of sample diluent (500 ml)

The Kinetic Aliivibrio fischeri (formally Vibrio Fischeri) toxicity test method, originally designed for solid samples, is an improved method for determining toxicity data using luminescent bacteria according to ISO 21338:2010. Colour and turbidity of the sample are accounted for and matrix effects can be largely eliminated. The method employs an automated luminometer capable of dispensing reagent automatically and quickly measuring initial luminescence (2.6 seconds).  The system uses a 96 well microplate to reduce operator time and permit high throughput analysis. 

Most compounds of interest will produce a toxic effect immediately after contact with the bacteria and results can be seen immediately. Depending on sample composition, the software can be employed to correct for interferences automatically in the calculation. Contact times can also be varied to observe effects from slow acting toxicants.

This Aliivibrio fischeri (formally Vibrio Fischeri) toxicity test contains several benefits including

  • Reduced operator time as toxicity results are gathered immediately over short incubation times
  • Reduced cost per sample
  • High throughput capabilities
  • Small sample volumes required for 96-well plates
  • Sample dilutions made directly to the 96 well plates; saves waste
  • Colour, turbidity and matrix effects are corrected for automatically using software
  • Cost of system purchase and setup is comparable to Microtox® assay 
  • Automated result acquisition and EC50 calculations improve accuracy and reduce operator error
  • All sample type can be analyzed without method adjustment or extra procedural steps
  • Between 10 to 20 samples/hour can be analyzed depending on the contact time
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