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Toxi-ChromoTest and ChromoPad Kits

Biotoxicity testing kitsToxi-ChromoTest Kit for biotoxicty testing

Product No. 5032

A microplate toxicity bioassay to determine acute and chronic toxicity in water, effluents, and other liquids.  The Toxi-ChromoTestTM procedure exposes the bacteria to the toxicants in the sample for a short (90-minute) incubation period. After the incubation period, a chromogenic substrate is added. If the sample is toxic, no colour will develop and if the sample is non-toxic, a distinctive blue colour quickly develops. The kit provides a clear, completely objective measurement of the toxicity of the sample by a simple visual qualitative evaluation of the colour obtained, or quantitatively by spectrophotometry using a micro-plate reader.

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detection of sediment bio toxicitybiotoxicity for sediment toxicity testing

Product No. 5033

The assay allows the bacteria to grow in direct contact with the toxicants in the sample, eliminating expensive extraction procedures. The endpoint of the assay is an easy to interpret colour reaction. If the sample is toxic, no colour will develop; if the sample is non-toxic, a distinctive blue colour develops around the sample.

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Biotoxicity Products

Please feel free to download the Biotoxicity product handout.  Products include EBPI's line of toxicity testing kits, MicroBioTests line of Toxkits along with information on Microbial Insights line of molecular tools.


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